With Rotobasque pieces, safety and quality first and foremost.

Quality and safety are fundamental to the success of any product. That is why at Rotobasque we pay meticulous attention to all stages of the manufacturing process to ensure that our pieces meet these two basic requirements.

Con las piezas rotomoldeadas de Rotobasque, seguridad y calidad ante todoThe first of these is ensured through rigorous work and an unavoidable commitment. In our company, we are very clear that obtaining high quality pieces requires the joint work of all the departments, so that some of them know perfectly the needs and characteristics of the others.

For example, we combine the work of designing the piece carried out by the engineering department with that of quality and environment through its exhaustive technical controls. In addition, the operators in charge of manufacturing have first-hand knowledge of the requirements and demands of each piece. As if that were not enough, we have the support of other technology-based companies and entities to carry out all the necessary tests and trials.

The use of manual techniques - one of Rotobasque's distinctive features - also allows us to improve the quality control of the pieces, as even the largest ones are subjected to exhaustive attention to the most seemingly insignificant details of quality and finish.

Quality verification

The most widespread and accredited way of verifying that the production processes developed by a company comply with the quality parameters required to be launched on the market is by means of certificates.

In this sense, Rotobasque undergoes the periodic review and audit of the ISO 9001, the globally recognised standard for quality management systems (QMS). This means that our products undergo the necessary visual inspections and tests to guarantee their maximum quality.

In terms of safety, rotomoulded pieces offer, as part of their advantages, more guarantees than other pieces made from different materials. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, because there are no major long-term changes and there is no risk of oxidation or degradation. On the other hand, the geometry of the product also contributes to greater safety: the dangers are eliminated as there are no sharp edges or pointed corners.

Another advantage of the pieces manufactured with the rotational moulding technique is that there is no risk of electric currents due to its properties. It should be remembered that polyethylene, one of the most commonly used materials in this technology, is electrically insulating and accumulates little static. This is why it is commonly used as cable sheathing.

Multiple and exhaustive controls

When using rotomoulding, there are certain critical aspects that must be taken into account if the highest standards of quality and safety are to be achieved. For example, pore and leakage control. In the case of raw materials, when the project requires it, the properties of each batch are checked upon receipt and before manufacturing when they have been stored for a long time, either before the manufacturing process -since sometimes the technical requirements of the piece require monitoring the time they have been in stock- or at the end of the process.

Finally, Rotobasque subjects its final product to rigorous safety tests: unit testing of the watertightness of the pieces that require it, fire resistance tests, mechanical and thermal tests to control the properties of both the product and the raw materials used, or the tests carried out under specific standards of the different sectors for which we work (packaging, machinery, automotive, furniture, energy, etc.).

Rotobasque's commitment to its customers is materialised in many ways, such as the provision of one hundred percent integral services and the adaptation to their specific needs. But always with quality and safety at the centre of our priorities.

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