Why choose us as your reliable Rotomoulding supplier?

In the industrial sector, commercial relations have evolved from the simple purchase and sale of products to the provision of 100% integral services. Accompanying the customer from the beginning to the end of the process and adapting to their specific needs are two sacred principles that any reliable supplier must always bear in mind. And at Rotobasque this is part of our DNA.

news-1We are a technology-based company specialised in offering global solutions in the transformation of plastics by rotational moulding (or rotational moulding) for more than 30 different sectors, with the most cutting-edge R&D&I technology and the knowledge of professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

We have the advantage of the differential value of our product and service, as we are one of the few competitors in Spain in the transformation of plastics by rotational moulding, capable of satisfying customers who need a short series with a specific design and requirements (from 1 to 20,000 units per year).

Customised, complex product with impeccable aesthetics

At Rotobasque we offer an extra level of quality and complexity in the pieces we manufacture, far removed from the crude image of old rotomoulding. Nowadays, the product obtained is more and more personalised and elaborate, as well as having outstanding aesthetics. Moreover, we are discovering new applications every day, as rotational moulding is a constantly evolving technology in which we are increasingly adapting parts from other technologies.

Although customisation is one of the main advantages of rotational moulding in terms of product, at Rotobasque we also consider customisation in our services as one of the guiding principles of our work. Sometimes, our customers only have a sketch of the part they need or certain ideas and technical requirements, so at Rotobasque we develop the project by designing the 3D model with all the necessary considerations to adapt it to rotomoulding. 

Others, on the other hand, already have the designs and 3D files, either because they have already been previously produced in our technology, or they are manufactured with another, for example, in aluminium or fibreglass sheet. In this case, our engineering and design department makes the necessary adaptations and improvements to obtain the maximum advantages and quality in the final product. 

And not only that. If the customer needs it, we offer all the resources to take care of packaging, logistics and transport.

Quality and respect for the environment

At Rotobasque we apply the most demanding quality standards by carrying out different tests such as: 

  • Unitary watertightness of 100% of the tanks and watertight pieces manufactured.
  • Non-destructive methods of measurement: ultrasonic thickness tester or colorimetry.
  • Process guarantee thanks to the quality system certified by the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  • Staff with extensive knowledge and experience in rotational moulding technology.

As for the homologation process, and always in accordance with the quality system implemented in Rotobasque, the piece is homologated through the dimensional report. This validates the mould and, in the same way, the first product delivered to the customer.

Regarding environmental criteria, at Rotobasque we guarantee the traceability of each piece: each one is identified with an exclusive number that ensures the traceability of the whole process, from the raw material to the delivery to the customer. In addition, thanks to our latest generation machinery and professional experience, we achieve rejection rates far below the usual ones in rotational moulding, minimising the waste derived from the activity and operating with the highest efficiency.

Rotobasque, a reliable supplier

Given all of the above, we believe that there are many reasons to count on Rotobasque as a supplier. Firstly, because of our 100% integral services and, secondly, because we are backed by our extensive technical and manufacturing experience: we believe that training in rotational moulding technology is never finished and can always be improved. For this reason, we have an innovation department for the development of new solutions, both in terms of materials (recycled, biodegradable, bio-derivatives, high performance, etc.) and in our manufacturing processes and applications. We never settle and we try to anticipate the needs of our customers. 

In addition, our work is completed with a continuous communication service with the customer based on honesty and, above all, confidentiality. We work entirely by and for our clients.


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