What should you consider when looking for the right rotomoulding supplier?

The success of any company is a good mix of different factors. One of them is to have a reliable supplier, as this is the best way to achieve efficient production processes, save costs in the long term and, very importantly, meet the delivery deadlines set by the customer. 

¿Qué deberías tener en cuenta a la hora de buscar el proveedor adecuado de Rotomoldeo_Another factor that provides added quality value is if, in addition to the above, it is capable of accompanying you to the end of the process and adapting to your specific requirements. These are two commandments that any supplier must comply strictly with.

This becomes even more relevant when we are talking about a technology such as rotational moulding, as there are not many companies in Spain nowadays that are capable of transforming plastics by rotational moulding. And even fewer specialise in the manufacture of highly technical parts in short series for a wide range of sectors of activity.   

Rotational moulding, a technology that is mastered by manufacturing

It should always be borne in mind that rotational moulding is a technology that depends on external parameters such as ambient temperature and mould geometry. The experience gained over the years and a large number of projects is therefore a key factor, as it has an important influence on the efficiency and quality of the product. 

Thus the importance of engaging the services of a company with extensive experience, a well-trained engineering team, capable of pushing the boundaries of rotomoulding and guiding the project to a high profitability. This is achieved by focusing on the customer, who must ultimately be at the centre of decisions. 

That is why a good supplier will never make offers to manufacture pieces that, in an objective way, could be obtained with better results by other technologies. But because rotational moulding is a technology that is constantly evolving with the emergence of new applications, there are fewer and fewer projects where it is not the best solution.

The value of innovation and quality standards

It is also very important that the chosen supplier has innovation as a strategic pillar. With a special focus on specific areas: product improvement, management and environmental impact. 

A leading rotomoulding company must apply the most demanding quality standards, by carrying out different tests such as the unitary sealing of 100% of the tanks and sealed pieces manufactured, or the use of non-destructive measuring devices that guarantee the final properties of the product.

It is also essential to have a suitable approval process, always in accordance with the quality system implemented in the company, which must also be concerned with generating and implementing ideas adapted to each client and casuistry throughout the various development phases of a project:

  • Sketching/Building
  • CAD/CAE Modelling.
  • CAD Rendering/Rendering or visualisation of the product.
  • Prototyping (3D printing).

Customisation, therefore, is another of the characteristics that define the best rotomoulding manufacturers. It is about applying a set of strategies and actions with which to offer differentiated products adapted to each type of customer. Not surprisingly, rotational moulding offers great possibilities for customisation of the final product, which gives more scope for freedom in terms of design.

The importance of using recycled, biodegradable or bio-derived materials

In addition, today's demands for environmental certifications and the use of recycled, bio-derived and biodegradable materials are becoming increasingly stringent. Always looking for improved properties and with the aim of achieving high performance.

The fact that rotational moulding companies use plastic as a raw material does not mean that this technique neglects the importance of preserving the natural environment. The development of effective recycling strategies, reuse and, in short, the circular economy of materials must be a priority for any company committed to environmental conservation. 

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