Services offered by Rotobasque in the renewable energy sector

Renewable energy is a sector in continuous expansion that is going to be key in the decarbonisation of the economy and, consequently, in the future of the planet. Solar and wind plants are already part of our landscape and will become even more so in the coming decades. The profitability of these installations will depend, in part, on the quality of their components, and this is where rotational moulding will play a decisive role. 

sunny-landscape-with-windmillsPieces manufactured using this technology offer multiple advantages in all the sectors in which it operates, and the renewables sector is no exception, mainly because of their cost savings. But also because of their reduced weight, their long durability - the useful life of these elements extends beyond 25 years - and their great resistance to weathering and corrosion.

It should not be forgotten that these pieces, which form part of photovoltaic solar panels or wind turbines, are usually located outdoors, either on land or at sea, and are often critical elements of the device.

A wide range of solar and wind services

At Rotobasque we offer a diverse range of services in the renewable energy sector. Specifically, for conventional solar thermal energy (water heating systems), floating solar energy, and for the two types of wind power generation: onshore and offshore, the last one with a great potential for development.

For example, we make different types of floats that are used for cabling, solar panels, or floating access paths for operators, either for offshore wind towers or floating solar farms.

We also manufacture tanks for different liquids, such as water for stabilisers or coolants contained in different parts of wind towers. Other products made with rotational moulding technology are the conduits and protections for the cables in charge of controlling the maximum curvatures and avoiding tensions due to water currents.

A strategic sector for Rotobasque

The renewable energy sector is strategic for Rotobasque for many reasons. Firstly, because we believe it is essential for the future of the planet. In line with the circular economy objectives to which our company is committed, we are proud to manufacture parts with 100% recyclable or already recycled materials.

Secondly, because of the many applications that our technology can develop in this field and the multiple opportunities that the renewable sector offers in terms of innovation, one of the fundamental pillars of Rotobasque. Our R&D department is constantly evolving to be able to offer solutions to the different problems that often arise. 

For example, we work with materials with antifouling properties for offshore installations. We also work with additives to increase their durability, materials with high thermal resistance, or new designs that optimise the performance of pieces in highly demanding conditions, both mechanical and environmental.

More than a decade of experience in renewable energies

We have been working for more than ten years with different clients in the sector, and the pieces we manufacture have evolved over time towards new technical specifications. 

Our reputation is backed by more than two decades of experience in rotational moulding. But above all by a team that from all areas concerning the company (engineering, development, quality, commercial, etc.) always gives the best to meet the needs of our customers. 

The development of renewable energies and the technological challenges they pose only further increase the self-demanding and innovative spirit of a team that is used to working under the strictest quality standards.

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