Rotobasque participates in the Adimalgu project with Tekniker

Led by the company Tajo, within the Hazitek programme, Rotobasque participates in the Adimalgu project for the development of rotomoulding pieces with advanced functionalities.

Digitalisation is not only becoming more and more part of our lives, but it is changing the rules of the game. In our digitally connected world, the key is the integration of software, connectivity, components and subsystems integrated into intelligent modules and systems.

Thus, every day, we see new smart systems solutions for mobility, energy, industry, agri-food, biomedical applications, healthy living, etc.

Enabling technologies for the functionalisation of components include embedded electronics as a first step towards smart components, and flexible electronics as an innovative technology under development.

This project is at the forefront of technologies for the integration of functionalities or smartisation of components, and seeks to develop solutions that will enable these technologies to break into multiple sectors. For Rotobasque, it is an unrepeatable opportunity to take a technological leap forward in the field of rotomoulding, developing the most advanced parts that may exist today.



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