Rotobasque leads the Kablondo project with Tecnalia

The Kablondo project for the development of rotomoulded elements for offshore energy led by Rotobasque has received support from the Hazitek programme.

The waters surrounding the Iberian Peninsula are gaining depth very quickly. Unlike what happens in the seas of northern Europe, where thanks to the large continental shelf it is possible to move tens of kilometres away from the coast without the seabed reaching the depth it does in the Bay of Biscay, in the Mediterranean, in the Atlantic, where the waters are immediately very deep. This has prevented the wind energy sector from thriving offshore around our coasts.

This is because in deep waters the length of the substructures supporting wind turbines has to be bigger (more steel, more money) and because, in addition, laying the foundations for wind turbines on the seabed is much more complex and expensive than, for example, in the shallow waters of the North Sea or the Baltic. Tourism has been the other major barrier to the deployment of offshore wind farms around Spain's coasts. The foreseeable landscape impact of wind farms more or less close to the beachfront, or visible to bathers, has proved to be a deterrent.

For Rotobasque, far from being a problem, it represents an opportunity, as rotomoulding can be used to obtain elements that save costs and improve performance, helping the development and growth of offshore energies.

The aim of this project is to develop a final product that is disruptive with respect to the current solution, seeking to develop new protection systems that are much more resistant and provide added value, without having to carry out exhaustive on-site monitoring of the state of the cables.



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