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Plastics constitute a family of versatile, resistant and flexible materials that provide solutions to major technical and industrial challenges and improve the quality of life of millions of people. However, plastic waste is a major environmental challenge that requires coordinated action by governments, institutions, companies and citizens. It is essential to bet on the circular economy of plastics to ensure the sustainability of an industry that generates employment for more than 1.5 million people in Europe and contributes more than 30,000 million euros to European public finances, all without overlooking the protection of the environment.

close-up-environment-sign-collectionIn Rotobasque we are dedicated to the transformation of plastic, plastic is our fundamental raw material, and this condition makes it imperative for us to be committed to European strategies that seek to reduce the environmental impact of these materials and promote a responsible use.

We are very aware of the importance of preserving the planet and, in this regard, the circular economy is one of our strategic pillars. In order to align all efforts and achieve results that make a difference, our Environment and Innovation Departments work in coordination to develop solutions that enable us to deploy quality manufacturing processes that are completely respectful of the environment.

The preservation of the planet, in our DNA

The first remarkable aspect of our environmental preservation strategy is the intrinsic nature of our activity. We are dedicated to transforming plastics by rotational molding, one of the most sustainable technologies currently available due to the use of 100% recyclable polyolefins.

In addition, the volume of plastic we use in tons per year is very small and we do not generate waste from machine start-ups or cleaning processes. We also manufacture products with a long useful life, a minimum of 5 years, although in many cases it can exceed 20 years.

Moreover, the plastic waste we generate are materials with very low degradation. This circumstance is particularly significant, since it allows both the waste and the end-of-life pieces to retain their properties almost intact after the manufacturing process, so that, properly conditioned, they can be reused with good results.

It should also be noted that our technology replaces other manufacturing processes with a higher carbon footprint, such as steel boilermaking or fiberglass, which are much more costly both economically and environmentally.

A step ahead

Beyond the inherent characteristics of our rotational molding process, at Rotobasque we intend to go one step further to ensure the circular economy in plastics. In this sense, we are working on the development of new lines of innovation that we are already applying today, such as, for example, the use of biodegradable materials that have less permanence in ecosystems in the event of loss or incorrect management at the end of the product's life.

We also promote the treatment of plastics to ensure their reincorporation into production cycles or the use of plastics recovered from other industries.

Another of our lines of action is recycling for other markets. We use chemical techniques to obtain paraffin waxes or fuels from waste that cannot be used in the circular economy and we also develop mechanical recycling solutions to provide other industries with high quality post-industrial recovered materials.

Currently, we are in the early stages of a project to develop pieces with a high percentage of circular economy materials, but that do not affect the final properties of the products we manufacture and retain all the mechanical performance of durability and watertightness. 

One of the main efforts of Rotobasque's unequivocal commitment to the circular economy that makes the difference is focused on the continuous use of recyclable materials, avoiding the introduction of other polymers such as polyurethane, as this phenomenon negatively affects the recyclability of the pieces.

In conclusion, our ultimate goal is to develop environmentally friendly products and to be able to provide our customers with a full service that guarantees the correct end-of-life management of the products we supply in order to promote technological development, guarantee the viability of our activity, reduce waste generation, combat pollution and take care of our planet.

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