‘Artisanal’ industry: one of the keys to rotational moulding

Improvements in machinery have given a significant boost to automation processes in the rotomoulding industry, enabling pieces to be manufactured faster, more efficiently and with higher quality. This undoubtedly gives rotomoulding a competitive advantage over other manufacturing techniques.

_V3A6622However, it is sometimes necessary to introduce a part of manual work, as there is no effective and cost-efficient way to automate certain stages of the manufacturing process, turning some projects into a " handcraft " job.

What are those tasks that are carried out manually? Essentially, mould loading and removal of the manufactured pieces, forming during cooling, deburring, polishing, machining and repairing minor defects such as scratches, dings and blemishes

The forming is a critical phase for the control of tolerances and to obtain a correct geometry, which consists of anchoring the piece so that it cools while maintaining the desired shape, it is a process that requires great dexterity as it must be done quickly and carefully. 

Deburring consists of removing the material that accumulates in the mould joints, while polishing consists of applying a product to improve the aesthetics of the finished piece. Machining, on the other hand, is aimed at trimming excess parts of the piece or creating windows or holes.

To these processes must be added the adaptation of the manufacturing parameters (time and temperature) to the environmental conditions of the moment, which is carried out by the team based on its experience and knowledge.

The competitive advantages of artisanal manufacturing

Using artisanal techniques in the manufacture of products has significant advantages. For example, there is an improvement in the quality control of the pieces. This is because even large pieces are given exhaustive attention to the smallest details of quality and finish.

At the end of the day, these are highly complex pieces that only an engineering team and experienced operators can successfully produce. 

Rotobasque has a highly trained and specialised team that meets all these requirements. This qualification makes us capable of developing highly complex products. 

For example, a chassis of a machine vehicle with an integrated tank. Or repairing aesthetic damage to decorative pieces using different techniques, avoiding the generation of rejects.

The team's experience as a differentiating element

As a national introducer of rotomoulding technology, our company can boast of having the most experienced team in the field, both in the factory and in the technical office. This is the way to provide the customer with a differentiating know-how. 

One of the keys to current rotational moulding, and which constitutes a competitive advantage, is the customisation of the pieces. Based on this, a series of techniques are applied that provide great added value. We must not forget that rotational moulding is a cutting-edge technology when it comes to customising the product, with great customisation options (through screen printing, embossing, adhesives, etc.).

The personalisation of products directly in the manufacturing process translates into greater speed because, despite working with short series, rotomoulding allows personalisation in a short period of time. It also means cost savings compared to other technologies and high strength and durability. 

This is one of the reasons why rotational moulding has undergone an impressive evolution in recent years, which in turn has allowed it to consolidate its position as a reference technique for a wide variety of sectors. These include wind power, maritime, furniture, lighting, construction and mobility.

In addition, at Rotobasque we attach the utmost importance to ensuring that the piece is of the highest possible quality. Our employees are perfectionists and our customers appreciate this. We believe that the formula for success lies in the right combination of the new technologies offered by the industry together with the most artisanal techniques.

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